Skinny Science┬«Coffee™

An Award-Winning Revolutionary
in Food Science Technology

Switch from fat storing to fat burning
Patented Hunger Control
Low Glycemic Balanced Energy
Thermogenic Fat-Burning
Buffered Caffeine
Combats Stress-Related Eating

Skinny Science® COFFEE is the first and only coffee drink designed by Glycemic Index Researchers.

Why is this important? Because coffee causes FAT-STORAGE in humans.

What is the point of energizing the body and stimulating fat-storage at the same time?

The only way to fix coffee so that it does not stimulate fat-storage is to incorporate the Glycemic Index, Brain -Glycemic Indexing, and Buffered Caffeine, into the equation.

to read about Buffered Caffeine.

Skinny Science┬« Coffee™
Thermogenic Fat-Burning Coffee

The First Low Glycemic
Coffee Patent Ever Awarded



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